Beer Awards Platform

Solution for
beer competitions

The Beer Awards Platform (BAP) makes your competition much simpler. BAP manages your project from the moment of entry registration to final result disclosure.

View open competitions

Manage your competition with ease

See all the features available to simplify your tasks!

Improve your team performance

BAP offers tools to assist tasks execution during your competition, decreasing failure or error chances.

Competition organizer is able to:

  • Set judging categories, by grouping styles
  • Control orders and apply discounts
  • Configure judging sessions and tables
  • Configure marketing strategies
  • Confirm judges presence

For the services team:

  • Special feature for entry check-in and sorting
  • Track bottles from cellar to judge tables
  • Print labels for bottles and signs for judging tables

Customize and personalize

Use your competition brand and visual identity to make BAP even more efficient

  • Homebrew or professional
  • 3 languages supported (English, Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Customize the registration portal
  • Customize the entry form
  • Customize the scoresheet
  • Set your own payment method
  • Disclose the competition rules
  • Edit the cover image and presentation text

Impress your judges
and participants

Supported by BAP tools, judges have an intuitive environment at their disposal to work with agility and efficiency. Feedbacks are fast and participants receive the scoresheets safely and with quality.

  • Calibration round
  • BJCP structured scoresheet
  • Feature for Best of Show and Mini Best of Show
  • Dashboard for the organizer and judges
  • Judges performance history
  • Follow and manage entry scores during judging sessions
  • Awarded entries report
  • Send scoresheets to all participants in one click


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