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Hello user! Welcome to the Beer Awards Platform Terms of Use! These Terms of Use guide your access and how we handle everything that happens within the platform. From the operation flow to the data requested for your entry. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of this document. Acceptance and awareness of both are necessary for you to use all the features of the Beer Awards Platform. At the end, we provide an e-mail for you to contact us!

Below we list the words and terms that will be used throughout this document. The intention is to shed light on terms that may be little known in order to increase transparency with our users.


Anti-Spam: a system that prevents unwanted correspondence, such as mass advertising, by blocking messages or moving them to a specific folder.

Chargeback: cancellation of an online purchase made using a debit or credit card, which may occur due to non-recognition of the purchase by the holder of the card or because the transaction does not comply with the regulations provided for in the contracts, terms, amendments and manuals edited by the card companies.

Consumer: term used to designate any individual, representative of a company or no, that registers, either paid or free of charge, for the contests created by the Organizers.

Account on Payment Gateway: term used to designate accounts created on the integration site(s) of payment.

Dispute : complaint of undue charge, requested by the credit card holder with his card operator, which may be initiated for various reasons, such as forgetting that the purchase was made, the use of the card by other family members, or even , resulting from a fraudulent purchase made by a third party.

Crawler/Spider: programs developed to act or obtain information in an automated way on websites.

Reverse: action of wrongly reversing credit or debit released.

Link: terminology for internet address.

Look and feel: general visual concept of a work protected by intellectual property right.

Organizer: term used to designate persons (individuals or companies) who create their own contest through the Beer Awards Platform and disseminate them to Consumers and/or participants.

Participants: term used to designate people who benefit from the entries made by Consumers. If Consumers purchase tickets in their own name, they will also be Participants. On the other hand, if the Consumer registers for the benefit of third parties, companies or not, these will be considered only Participants, not Consumers.

Beer Awards Platform: designates the technological platform available to organizers, facilitating the sale of contest entries, collection of contest contributions and the management of participants, accessible at

User: term used to designate, when referred to together, Organizers, Judges , Participants or Consumers and people who browse the Beer Awards Platform.

General Information

  1. These Terms regulate the services offered on the Beer Awards Platform, which consist of: (i) provide a technological solution (Beer Awards Platform) so that Organizers can create, organize, manage and publicize their own contests; (ii) enable, through the Beer Awards Platform, the sales or distribution operations of entries to Organizing users; (iii) host the contests created by the Organizers.
  2. The contests created and disseminated through the Beer Awards Platform are the exclusive responsibility of the Organizers themselves, who are solely responsible for establishing the sales conditions, policies price, refund in case of cancellation of registration, execution and cancellation of competitions. Beer Awards Platform is not the creator, co-organizer or owner of the contests hosted on its platform, but may monitor the contests created in order to ensure that they comply with its legal policies.
  3. The Beer Awards Platform and its features are presented to users as they are available, and may undergo constant improvements and updates, forcing the Beer Awards Platform to:
    1. Preserve features from the Beer Awards Platform, with unbroken links, using layouts that respect and privilege usability and navigability;
    2. Display the functionalities in a clear, complete, precise and sufficient way, so that enable the exact perception of the operations performed.
  4. Best Beer strives for the continuous and permanent availability of its platform. However, there may eventually be some temporary unavailability resulting from necessary maintenance or even generated by force majeure, such as natural disasters, failures or collapses in the central communication and internet access systems, or third-party facts that are beyond its sphere of vigilance and responsibility.
    1. In case of unavailability, Best Beer will do everything in its power to re-establish access to the platform as soon as possible, within the technical limitations of its own services and those of third parties.
    2. The Consumer is hereby aware that, in order to enjoy the platform, a stable internet connection is required and hereby exempts the Beer Awards Platform from any damage in the event of partial or total stoppages of its services , arising from temporary lack of electricity, breakdown of services by concessionaires, failures in services offered by telephone networks and other providers, including hosting providers, strikes, riots or any other facts that are not directly linked to the service. The Beer Awards Platform will also not be liable for any damage caused by acts of God or force majeure, as well as third party fact.
  5. Any necessary maintenance procedures for the Beer platform Awards Platform will be informed, whenever possible, in advance and through the official communication channels of the Beer Awards Platform, such as virtual support and other electronic communications, with or without e-mail as a means.

User registration

  1. Registration on the Beer Awards Platform will be charged according to what is established by Best Beer in the PRICES tab of the website.
  2. The user must provide accurate and truthful information, assuming the commitment to update their personal data whenever necessary or when required. If we have reasons that indicate that any information registered is not true, we will have the right to suspend or terminate the user's account, as well as refuse to provide any of our services.
    1. Best Beer is not responsible for the veracity or assertiveness of the data entered in the registration, and the creation of false profiles on the Beer Awards Platform may be considered a crime of false identity, ideological falsehood or embezzlement.
  3. Should Best Beer verify the existence of suspicious activity, it may, at any time and at its sole discretion, confirm the user's identity and personal data, and may, for this order, request personal documents or other forms of proof.
    1. Any error or delay in the process of sending or confirming the user's identity that causes harm or damage of any nature will be the responsibility of the user.
  4. No prejudice to other measures, Best Beer may warn, suspend or cancel the registration of users, as well as the associated contests, refusing to provide the services described in these Terms, if the user:
    1. Fail to comply with any provision of these Terms or any other policy of the Beer Awards Platform;
    2. Practice fraudulent or willful acts;
    3. Give any damage or injury to a third party or to own Best Beer, using the Beer Awards Platform.

Access to the Beer Awards Platform

  1. Users access their accounts through a personal, non-transferable login and password, or through personal accounts provided by third parties such as Google. In any case, users undertake not to inform third parties of such data, being fully responsible for the use made of them, pledging to notify Beer Awards Platform immediately of any unauthorized use of their account or any other violations of safety. The Beer Awards Platform will not be liable for any losses and damages resulting from unauthorized access or use of the account.
  2. Only the holder of the account on the Beer Awards Platform may have access to the data relating to the same, with a view to your personal character. Any changes in registered data can only be made by the user, duly logged in. The Beer Awards Platform has no prerogative to make this type of change, regardless of the alleged reason or circumstance.

Users' Responsibilities and Obligations

  1. Users undertake to use the Beer Awards Platform in an ethical and appropriate manner for the purposes established in these Terms, in compliance with the provided for in Brazilian law, committing to abstain from any activity that constitutes a violation of these standards.
  2. By using the Beer Awards Platform and its features, Users undertake to:
    1. Insert correct, complete and up-to-date data in the registration (paying or free) of registration. Otherwise, the registration may be invalidated and the User, if desired, will have to make a new purchase, subject to the conditions and availability of registrations or contributions at that second moment;
    2. Carry the fees charged on the credit card bill, if this is the payment method chosen by the User. Billing may come on behalf of Best Beer, or one of our payment processors;
    3. Carry the full and full amount of the ticket and pay it by the due date, if the Consumer has opted for this payment method. After the payment deadline, the bank slip is no longer valid for the registration and validation.
    4. Conduct valid registration only through the Beer Awards Platform. Best Beer is not responsible, does not provide coverage and does not attest to the veracity or reliability of accesses acquired from third parties, other sites or any other form of unauthorized sale, and the Consumer is aware that when making such acquisition, he will be at the risk of being victim of fraud or social engineering scheme;
    5. Provide all information and documents that are requested through the official channels of the Beer Awards Platform, if any validation of the purchase by the Beer Awards Platform or ours is required payment processors.
    6. Exempt Best Beer from any responsibility for the conduct of contests for which entries are submitted. Beer Awards Platform is not a contest organizer. We provide the platform for Organizers to organize their contests, elect and delegate their judges and manage their Participants.
    1. The Judge user is responsible for confidentiality and the fairness of the data and the event and are now under embargo of data secrecy before the official announcements are made.
    2. By being registered in the Volunteer Judge modality, the user hereby authorizes the The contest organizer has access to all non-sensitive data filled in by the volunteer in order to attest their impartiality and guarantee the fairness of the event.
  3. In all cases, Best Beer, at its sole discretion, may also refuse to provide any services, regardless of the motivation, without this constituting a limitation of rights.
  4. All information produced during the use of the platform by users (competitors, judges, companies, etc.) may - after being treated according to the type of data - be used to incorporate such as operation intelligence, addition of functionalities, use for market research, as well as any other interest that BAP or its partners may deduce from the possession of this information.
    1. Personal and sensitive information will be treated in accordance with the privacy policies and in the best interest of the user.
    2. After processing, it will be used by BAP or its business partners to so that they are used for Research and Development of new products, markets and platform features and will not violate any regulation or competition rules regarding the secrecy or fairness of the event.

Cancellation and refund of transactions

  1. The Beer Awards Platform allows the Organizer to request, up to the fifth day after the end of the event, the cancellation of a sale and the consequent refund of the amount paid by the Consumer. [CHANGE CANCELLATION POLICY FOR EACH EVENT] It is the Organizer's responsibility to communicate to its potential Consumers and Participants its own cancellation policy, which must be compatible with the maximum refund period allowed by the Beer Awards Platform and request, when deemed necessary, the cancellation of the transaction through the tools present on the Beer Awards Platform. (if any)
    1. It is the Consumer's responsibility to find out about the specific policy of the event he wishes to attend and, if necessary, contact the Organizer to request the cancellation of your purchase and the consequent payment refund.
    2. The Participant cannot request a refund, which can only be done by the Consumer (the person who made the purchase on the Beer Awards Platform), unless the Participant and Consumer are the same person. (confirm that this policy is implemented)
  2. If it is necessary to reimburse Consumers, the Organizer must necessarily do so through the Beer Awards platform Payment processor platform or gateway, and reimbursement by various means is prohibited.
    1. After the start of the refund procedure by the Organizer, for purchases made by credit card, the Consumer will receive a notice confirming the cancellation of the purchase and the refund will be made immediately and automatically, unless there is a device legal authority that authorizes the deferral. In purchases made by bank slip, the Consumer will receive an email containing a request to fill in bank details so that the refund can be made.
    2. The Consumer will be responsible for any mistake or divergence in the registration of bank details for refund of amounts.
  3. In case of regret of the purchase, the refund of the amount paid will be guaranteed, if the request is made to the Organizer, within 7 (seven) days from the date of purchase. The request for return must be made, preferably, within 48 (forty-eight) hours before the start time of the event, according to current Brazilian legislation.

Contestations and reversals

  1. Reported disputes will be reviewed by the credit card company, our payment processors, or the Beer Awards Platform itself.
  2. The Beer Awards Platform will conduct disputes opened by Consumers , such as, but not limited to, chargebacks (disputes), miscellaneous claims, cancellations and chargebacks. Thus, it will provide information about cancellations without the need for the Organizer's intervention or approval, in cases of:
    1. non-compliance with the event's refund policy and/or the Consumer Protection Code , by the Organizer;
    2. detection of evidence of fraud in purchases made, whether they are pending approval or already approved, whether such risks arise from the Consumer or the Organizer;
    3. cancellation of the event;
    4. technical error in transaction processing;
    5. we verified a high number of complaints regarding a certain event, by Consumers.

Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Commercial use of the expression 'Beer Awards Platform' or “BAP” as a trademark, business name or domain name, as well as contents of the screens related to the Beer Awards Platform services, as well as the programs, "look and feel" of the websites, databases, networks, files that allow item for the user to access and use their account, are owned by Best Beer and are protected by laws and international treaties of copyright, trademarks, patents, models and industrial designs. The misuse and total or partial reproduction of such contents are prohibited, except with the prior and express written authorization of Best Beer.
  2. The pages of the contests may contain links to other websites, which does not mean that these sites are owned or operated by the Best Beer, which has no control over these third-party sites, for which reason it will not be responsible for their content, practices and services offered. The presence of links to other sites does not imply a relationship of partnership, supervision, complicity or solidarity of Best Beer with these sites and their contents.

Security of the Beer Awards Platform

  1. It is not allowed access to the programming areas of the Beer Awards Platform, its database, or any other set of information that is part of the administrative activity inherent to the owners and employees of the Beer Awards Platform .
  2. Users are not authorized to reverse engineer, translate, decompile, copy, modify, reproduce, rent, sublicense, publish, disclose, transmit, lend, distribute or otherwise have the consultation tools of the Beer Awards Platform and its functionalities.
  3. On the Beer Awards Platform, it is prohibited to use crawler, spider or data mining applications, of any type or kind, in addition to any other not typified here, but which acts in an automated way, both to perform mass operations, as for any other purposes.

Privacy of users

  1. The Beer Awards Platform has its own document, called “Privacy Policy”, which regulates the treatment given to personal information and data collected through the Beer Awards Platform and its functionalities.
    1. The “Privacy Policy” is an integral and inseparable part of the Beer Awards Platform Terms of Use and can be accessed through the link found in its footer.
    2. In case any provision of the "Privacy Policy" conflict with any other of this document, the description in the more specific rule shall prevail.

Protection of records, information and private communications

  1. Best Beer will only be obliged to provide access records, personal information or private communications stored on its platform upon a court order or request from a competent police or administrative authority.
    1. In all cases, Best Beer will notify the Organizer of the existence of the request for disclosure, being hereby authorized to respond to the request received, regardless of agreement, agreement or any form of validation by the Organizer.

Limitation of Liability

  1. It is expressly stated that Best Beer has no obligation to control all actions performed by users on the use of the Beer Awards Platform and, therefore, Best Beer cannot be held responsible for the acts of its users, including those of an illicit, immoral or unethical nature, which may be perpetrated, and they are responsible for responding personally and exclusively for any claims by third parties or legal claims, and shall keep Best Beer free of any responsibility or encumbrance
  2. Best Beer is not responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, caused by third-party bear, such as hacker attacks, system, server or internet connection failures, including by the actions of malicious programs such as viruses, trojans, and others that may, in any way, damage the equipment or the connection of users as a result of accessing, using or browsing the Beer Awards Platform, unless such fact arises from intent or fault of Best Beer.

General provisions

  1. Best Beer is not responsible for any damage or loss with the sending of information or advertising content that has not been triggered by Best Beer itself, and is also not responsible for the content of the opinions posted on the contests page.
  2. By browsing the Beer Awards Platform and using its features, users accept all the provisions of the Terms of Use and other legal policies that are in force on the date of access. Therefore, it is recommended that users stay up to date.
      Our services are intended for people over 18 (eighteen) years old, with a valid personal document and e-mail address, or for minors and incapable persons, as long as they are duly authorized or assisted by their legal representatives.
  3. These Terms of Use are subject to constant improvement and improvement. Thus, Best Beer reserves the right to modify them at any time, according to the purpose of the Beer Awards Platform, such as for the adequacy and legal compliance of a provision of law or regulation that has equivalent legal force, and users are responsible for verifying it whenever they access the Beer Awards Platform.
  4. The possible tolerance of any violation of the terms and conditions contained in this domain will be considered mere liberality and will not be interpreted as novation, invoked precedent, waiver to rights, tacit amendment of contractual terms, acquired right or contractual amendment.
  5. If any provision of these Terms of Use is deemed inapplicable or without effect, the rest of the rules continue to be in force, without the need for legal action that declares such an assertion. The Terms described herein shall be interpreted in accordance with Brazilian legislation.
  6. The communication between Best Beer and the user shall be carried out through the service channels indicated and made available on the Beer Awards Platform, especially through the address of and -mail
  7. Wherever possible, potential disagreements between the user and Best Beer will be resolved amicably. When all efforts in this regard are exhausted, you hereby agree that the jurisdiction of the district of Porto Alegre, in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, is elected to resolve disputes or complaints arising from the use of our platform or related to these Terms of Use.

Last Modified March 18, 2024


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