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BAP Update July 2021

Isabelle Krauze
Isabelle Krauze
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If you have recently accessed BAP's competition organization dashboard, you might have noticed that it has a new look!

Didn't see any changes? Well, you might want to hit the refresh button and let the magic happen.


But why the sudden change?

For the past year, we have been studying ways to improve the relationship between you and the platform so that your experience can run smoothly and be less confusing.

And now, after hours and hours of work, we are launching the new version of BAP for beer competition organizers!

If you have a competition ongoing, don't worry! Everything is still there!

What´s new

Here is a video guide through the platform's update.

If you prefer, you can explore by yourself.

Updated Navigation Menu

This update is the more pronounced. We reorganized all sections and subsections to make it easier for you to find each page.



On the Settings section, you will find the pages to set all the information about your competition.


In this update, we restructured the previous settings section into four individual pages:

  • General Information


    Here you input all the basic information about the competition: Name, date, location.

    When you start a New Competition, this is where the information you provide can be edited.

  • Submissions


    In Submissions, you will be able to set the requirements for participants' registration.

  • Judging Options


    On this page, you can find all the options for the judgment: scoresheet type, sample labels, type of service, etc.

  • Competition Website


    Previously called "Public Page", it's on this page where you can edit the information that will be on display on your competition website.



The Order's page received a Dashboard just for it!

Here you can filter orders by status, compare trends and visualize the balance.



We put all the marketing tools and sponsors in this section, so you can find them easily.



Here you find all the pages to help you manage and organize your competition:



In Judging, you will find the pages that are dedicated to the greatest moment of the whole event: the judgment.



And finally, the results page, where you can check the winners, the medal table, and send the scoresheet to the participants.

We hope these changes help to make your life easier as a competition organizer. We are continuously working towards improving the platform and the best way to do so is by knowing what you are thinking about BAP.

So let us know in the comments what did you think about BAP's new version?

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