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BAP collaborates with Brazilian National Beer Competition to introduce new judging method

Amanda Renaly
Amanda Renaly
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Photo by Brazilian National Beer Competition.

The Brazilian National Beer Competition is gearing up for its 12th edition this year, introducing a groundbreaking feature to the realm of beer competitions. Renowned as one of Latin America's premier competitions and ranking among the top three globally, the event is currently accepting registrations until January 31. Scheduled from March 2 to 4, the competition will unfold in Blumenau, Brazil.

In this edition, we are collaborating with the organizing body to unveil a novel judging method designed to spotlight the excellence of the finest brews in contention. The latest addition to our repertoire is the 'Commercial Score.' During the final evaluation of each category, judges will assign an additional score ranging from 89 to 100. This score will factor into the comprehensive assessment, furnishing an objective ranking of the competing beers.

This pioneering approach not only facilitates the acknowledgment of beers that may not clinch medals but also endeavors to amplify the recognition and exposure of participating brews. An immediate application of the Commercial Score is its potential to adorn beer packaging, effectively distinguishing and accentuating products at retail outlets.

Douglas Merlo, the competition's technical manager, sheds light on the collaboration with BAP: "We are thrilled to partner with BAP to raise the bar for our competition. The introduction of the Commercial Score marks a significant stride in acknowledging not just the technical prowess but also the market viability of the beers vying in our competition."

Post-competition, ranked participants will, within a few weeks, receive a badge that they can incorporate into their labels, signifying their position within the Commercial Score ranking. Douglas Merlo emphasizes, "It's a way to associate the product's quality with the competition's reputation."

For more information about how to participate in the competition, click here.

About Brazilian National Beer Competition

Organized by ABLUTEC, the Brazilian National Beer Competition boasts a panel of seasoned judges, comprising both Brazilian and international experts selected for their technical acumen. Besides honoring the best, the competition offers constructive feedback to participants, empowering breweries with invaluable insights to refine their manufacturing processes and enhance their product profiles.

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