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Finding the world's finest homebrewers

Amanda Renaly
Amanda Renaly
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Photo by NHC Website.

The National Homebrew Competition (NHC) is the grandest stage for homemade beers worldwide, providing amateur brewers with a thrilling opportunity to compete and gain recognition for their craft. Presented annually by the American Homebrewers Association (AHA), the NHC draws participation from thousands of brewers across the globe. After two years of the competition being held exclusively in one city, it has returned to its original dynamic of traveling to various cities throughout the United States, adding an exciting element of exploration, discovery and creating a great occasion for regional homebrewing communities to gather.

Comprising multiple stages, the NHC kicked off with a thrilling regional first round held in nine cities across the United States. Following that, the grand finale takes place in San Diego (CA) in June, featuring the top-ranked beers from the nine regional gigs. As tradition dictates, the winners will be announced at the prestigious HomebrewCon. What sets this edition apart is the added excitement of the NHC benefiting from the support provided by BAP throughout the various stages of the competition.

NHC started in 1979 in Boulder, Colorado, and has grown over the years, with over 162,000 entries evaluated since. In a groundbreaking partnership, BAP assumed the pivotal role as the official app for this year's event. With its unwavering mission of enhancing beer competitions’ organization, management, and judging processes, BAP adds a seamless touch of innovation and contributes positively to the NHC experience.

In this edition, the initial rounds have unfolded in nine cities across the United States. The thrill of brewing with excellence ignited in brewing communities like Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, Kansas City, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, Seattle and Tampa. The results of the first round have been revealed and can be explored by clicking here. Now, the talented brewers who have emerged victorious from the initial rounds are ready to embark on the final evaluation round. Mark your calendars for June 21st and brace yourself for the grand finale as the winners are unveiled during the prestigious award ceremony at HomebrewCon in San Diego (CA).

Participating in the NHC is a transformative experience, as it provides the opportunity to test your skills and receive valuable feedback from experienced judges. Additionally, it can be a chance to make connections and meet other brewers within an event that boasts over four decades of history and contribution to the global beer community. The BAP team are proud of being part of this year's edition of such a well-established and revered competition in the beer community. Cheers to NHC!

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